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    Core Competence



      The indexes below are used to assess students' core competence. Please see the Index description for more information.

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      Index Description


      Using foreign languages and gaining professional knowledge

      Use English in speaking, listening, reading, writing, translating, and to use the second foreign language skills (French, Japanese, Spanish, or German) to express oneself; gain knolwedge in professional fields, such as foreign language teaching, English for specific purposes (ESP), oral and written intepretation, linguistics, literature, culture, etc.

        Able to use the professional knowledge from the class to answer related questions.

        Able to analyze the relation between various core courses.

      ※  Able to fully understand the professional know-how and integrate it into complete knowledge.

      Integrating knowledge and responding to situations

      Integrate learned knowledge and experience into one's own knowledge; seek outside resources to respond to new situations.

      ※  Able to apply easy concept to help understand complicated theories.

        Able to induce common ideas from partial or sectional knowledge.

      ※  Able to apply whatever he learned to establish a unique personal knowledge system.

      ※  Able to adjust attitude to face new situations.

        Able to seek support from others to face new situations.

        Able to seek outside resources to face new situations.

      Applying knowledge in life

      Apply learned knowledge and experiences to everyday life and to work.

        Able to acquire new experience and feelings from work or real life practice.

        Able to accumulate new experience from work or real life practice.

        Able to learn from accumulated experience.

      Using a multi-perspective approach to solve problems

      Think creatively and critically; integrate professional knowledge and skills to seek solutions to problems.

        Able to develop a new direction in the professional field.

        Able to take actions in the professional field.

        Able to create new results in the professional field.

        Able to propose personal ideas or concepts.

        Able to add new perspectives to original thinking.

        Able to go beyond old thinking or concepts.

        Able to use questioning to clarify the problems.

        Able to find projects to solve problems.

        Able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different problem-solving projects.

      Communicating and cooperating with others

      Within the global environment, understand similarities and differences between cultures, be able to communicate with individuals and groups of people; coordinate and unite together to accomplish assignment(s).

        Able to clearly express personal opinions in group activities

        Able to understand other people’s message when communicating with others.

        Other people may understand the message I want to convey when communicating.

        Able to understand each other when exchanging ideas with others.

      Adjusting to situations and learning continuously

      Express oneself appropriately when facing challenges; build self-confidence to complete tasks when dealing with pressure; learn continously to live up to one's greatest potential.

        Able to express personal emotions appropriately when encountering pressure.

        Able to control personal emotions appropriately when encountering pressure.

        Able to take challenges bravely when encountering pressure.

        Able to face pressure with calm and sensible attitude.

        Able to maintain flexibilities and have contingency plans when facing pressure.

        Able to relax and release pressure to reach harmony among body, mind, and spirit when facing stress.

        Able to use active and aggressive attitude to face pressure.

      Understanding civic responsibility and taking social responsbility

      Understand professional and moral ethics; cultivate appropriate social values; take social responsibility to serve the public and seek benefits to the society.

        Able to distinguish right from wrong, goodness from evil.

        Able to have appropriate and just value.

        Able to distinguish the etiquettes and ethics in human interactions.

        Able to follow the rules in interpersonal communications.

        Able to demonstrate appropriate social behavior voluntarily.