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    Based on the holistic education of Chung-Yuan Christian University and the miss of the College of Business, our vision is fostering managers with professional skills and knowledge, social awareness and ethical character, in order to create a sustainable future for business
    In order to prepare the students for leadership and managerial roles in business, the Business Administration curriculum is designed to provide study in the subjects which include marketing management, financial management, human resource management, information management, technology management and production and operation management. 
    The learning objectives of the Business Administration department are:
    ● Obtain the necessary skills to analyze and apply managerial knowledge.
    ● Develop innovation and execution skills for the purpose of solving business related problems.
    ● Develop character personality and the ability to execute ethical business decisions and social responsibility.
    ● Develop inter-personal communication and team-working skills.
    ● Develop professional with globally aware perspective and competitive advantages.
    Future Prospect
    In order to face the worldwide competition, based on the holistic education philosophy of Chung-Yuan Christian University, the strategy planned for the future are:
    ● Reinforce the practicality of the courses and improve the planning and design of the courses and implementation continuously.
    ● Encourage the students to search for excellence and foster the competitive skill at work.
    ● Encourage the students to participate academic and cultural activities with China, in order to increase the cooperation and interaction with China.
    ● Reinforce the interaction and network with alumni, so more resource from various sources can be merged.
    ● Encourage the students to participate international activities, so they can develop globally aware perspective and competitive advantages

    The Department of Business Administration at Chung Yuan Christian University was established in 1967. It has more 45 years of history until now. Currently, there are four classes in each grade. All together there are sixteen classes and almost 1000 students in the department.

    The freshmen registration rate is more than 98% in recent three years. The teaching performance has been widely recognized.

    Following the government’s authorization to establish the College of Business in 1980, the university, continued to devote in promoting the research education. Thus, in 1983 it created the Graduate School of Business Administration master program. It is one of the best MBA postgraduate degrees with the longest history in Taiwan.

    Since 2005, the department has also been approved to provide the PhD degree in Business Administration.

    To uphold the “holistic education and lifetime learning” philosophy,

    The department had in 1999 launched the Executive Postgraduate degree (EMBA), which provides business executives a retraining opportunity, and a close-knit exchange and cooperation between the industry and the academic sector. 60 professional executives register for the postgraduate study. The department has started the extension course for Business Managers with the center for Continuing Education. The students who pass the program will possess a certificate of credits issued by our school. Once the students are admitted through the entrance examination of graduated school (MBA or EMBA) in the department, his/her credits can be entirely or partly transferred, according to the related regulation of the department.

    Additionally, the department has extended the continuing education through some enterprises. Combining the internal training system of the companies, the department has set up many “Enterprise College “and started credit courses of the master degree. Many famous businesses and organizations have participated in the internal training credit courses, including Air Force Command Headquarters, Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST), Worldwide Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (WSMC), China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (CCPC), HannStar, China Motor Corporation (CMC), MP Command Center, Army Communication Electronic Information School and Golden Lion International Holdings Limited.