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PhD Program

PhD Program


    Core Ability

    Implied Meaning

    Ability to use and analyze  management knowledge

    Ability to understand and apply management knowledge and theories, in order to teach teaching and research skill

    Ability to integrate and research management konwledge in a practical way

    Able to integrate diverse opinions or knowledge into a whole new unity, and learn to see things from different perspectives and angles by reflecting on the past to further react properly in the rapid-changing environment.

    Ability to think creatively and analyse management issues

    Equipped with innovative thinking ability and able to utilize essential knowledge, skills, right attitude and methods to deal with problems.

    Ability to analyze and apply managmenet practice.

    Able to apply both professional knowledge and acquired knowhow to daily life or work.

    Ability to analyse and implement business ethics

    In light of individuality and value for life, learn to let love take the lead and use technology and knowledge of humanity to accept and help others as well respect responsibilities for lives.

    Ablility to implement responsible knowledge and care for social issues

    Able to utilize various technology and materials to improve living environments, and fulfill ones civil responsibilityseeking truth, continuing culture and heritage, and pursuing public welfares.

    Ablility of resilience and emotion  management

    Able to face oneself honestly and continue to make strenuous efforts to exert one’s potential, and further cultivate the ability to cope with stress.

    Ability to deomnstrate  communicate and team-working research skill

    Able to exchange opinions, communicate with different groups or individuals in passionate and creative ways and collaborate with each other to complete the joint mission.