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    Course categories

    Course Title

    Common Course

    English(I)English(II)English Listening and Speaking in Lab(I)English Listening and Speaking in Lab(II)EnvironmentService-Learning

    General Course

    Human philosophyReligion philosophyTaiwan Politics and DemocracyLaw and The Modern LifeContemporary Human Rights Issues and ChallengesSociology of Everyday LifeBig Issues of GlobalizationThe World of EconomicsHistory of Regional CivilizationsHistory of Cultures and Thoughts Introduction to Natural ScienceIntroduction to Engineering and TechnologyElectrical Engineering and Human Civilization Chinese Literature Classics Literacy and Rhetoric

    Fundation Course

    Economics(I)Economics(II)、Introduction to Business  ManagementFinancial Accounting(I)Financial Accounting(II) Mathematics for BusinessApplication Introduction to Information TechnologyBusiness MathematicsStatistics(I)Statistics(II)Practical English(I)Practical English(II)Practical English()Practical English()Business English

    Core Course

    Human Resources ManagementOrganizational BehaviorMarketing ManagementMarketing Management & Marketing Case StudyFinancial ManagementProduction and Operations ManagementBusiness MathematicsInformation ManagementCivil CodeBusiness LawBusiness Policy